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Accident Prevention-The Continuum of Human Factors




李雲寧(Y. L. Lee)

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失事預防 ; 人爲失誤 ; 程序行爲 ; 決心因素 ; accident prevention ; human factors ; action process ; cause of determination



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9卷2期(1995 / 12 / 01)

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1 - 14

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Chinese Abstract

追求最高飛航安全品質,是一項永無終點的長跑,飛航人因工程更是一個新拓的學門,有志者必須不屈不撓的努力,而這些在地面努力所得到的成果,就是如何避免由於人因失誤而導致的飛航失事。同時,將這些成果,貢獻給在駕駛艙裡操控飛機的人,因爲他們才是確保飛航安全,執行空中運輸的英雄。 在航空科技日新月異的發展;民航市場日益熾烈的競爭;以及飛航安全力求零缺點的趨勢下,我們對未來的民航事業,更是充滿熱情與信心。因爲『昨日的夢想,是今日的希望,將是明日的事實。』

English Abstract

In pursuing for the best quality of aviation safety, is a never ending long distant run. Aviation human factor is more of a new expansion of knowledge. An ambitious man must be indomitably hard working. Those who worked on the ground, the fruits of their hard labors are how to avoid flight accidents caused by human factors. At the same time contribute these results to the pilots who work in the plane's cockpit, because they are the people who can control and gurantee flight safety and become the hero of air transportation. In the continuos development of aviation technology, there is increasingly strong competition in the civil market. Under the trend of perfection in flight safety, our concern towards civil airlines industry is filled with passion and confidence. Because ”The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and will be the reality of tomorrow”.

Topic Category 工程學 > 交通運輸工程
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