A Time-Domain Analysis of Wave Force on Small-Scale Cylinders of Offshore Structures




Bao-Lei Geng;Bin Teng;De-Zhi Ning

Key Words

small-scale cylinders ; wave force ; time domain analysis ; offshore structures


Journal of Marine Science and Technology

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

18卷6期(2010 / 12 / 01)

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875 - 882

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English Abstract

To get the accurate wave loads on the small-scale cylinders on the platforms. not only the incident wave hut also the diffraction and radiation wave should be considered. By taking the wave diffraction from a fixed large-scale cylinder as an example, wave loads on small-diameter cylinders in the diffraction wave field are calculated by Morison formula in this paper. A time-domain numerical model on wave diffraction from large-scale structures is developed with a higher-order boundary element method (HOBEM). Then the velocity and acceleration of any water particle in the fluid domain can be produced from the solved diffraction potential. Results show that the incident wave force is even equal to diffraction wave force when the diameter of the large-scale cylinder is 8 times as great as the small-scale one: And the total force is different with the locations of tile small-scale cylinder. The maximum total force is 1.57 times as great as only the incident wave force. Therefore, the wave force on the stake produced by the diffraction due to the existence of upper structures should he considered in the practical engineering.

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工程學 > 市政與環境工程