Cooperation-Competition Model of Transportation Construction Project from the Viewpoint of Budget Allocation




Maw-Cherng Lin;Edward Ming-Yang Wu;Junn-Yuan Teng;Wen-Chih Huang

Key Words

transportation construct ion project ; budget allocation ; cooperation-competition model ; group decision-making


Journal of Marine Science and Technology

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18卷6期(2010 / 12 / 01)

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915 - 923

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English Abstract

The resource-allocation principle, which combines policy and budget, is the basic criterion far public-policy planning of a government in the present era. It can make the policy target, construction project, and budget work together closely. The transportation construction project has a certain degree of relativity under a target: so when selecting projects. a division of levels should he carried out according to the priority of project desirability [19]. Furthermore, the relativity of potential cooperation-competition between projects must he identified to avoid any waste of limited resources, This is the focus point that will he discussed in this paper, Lastly, this research classified the cooperation-competition relation of a construction project into independent project, complementary project, overlapping project, and common complementary overlapping project. This research made a subjective judgment based on relevant domain experts' professional accomplishments, and then identified the experts' consensus.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 海洋科學
工程學 > 市政與環境工程