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A Test of Natural Monopoly for KaoPort Operations




張玉山(Yue-Shan Chang);孫智嫻(Jyih-Sian Sun)

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自然獨占 ; 規模經濟 ; 範疇經濟 ; 多產出模型 ; Fourier成本函數 ; natural monopoly ; economies of scale and scope ; multiproduct model ; Fourier cost function



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13卷4期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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983 - 1009

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This paper examines the natural monopoly of harbor operations. The authors use a multiproduct model which represents harbor outputs with three variables: mooring, stevedoring, and warehousing. A Fourier cost function is used to calculate several cost indicators. The sample covers of monthly data over 1997-2001 period. From the analysis of the cost indicators, it is found that both of individual operation and all of the operations as a whole exhibit significant economies of scale and scope. Moreover, the presences of excess capacity of stevedoring and warehousing have been detected, as well as a presence of cost complement between mooring and stevedoring. Because of a natural monopoly, the operation of harbor outputs cannot improve economic efficient by deregulation and inducting market competition. On the contrary, the government should put more effort into decreasing social welfare loss by economic reasonable regulations.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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