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Related Factors for Depressive Symptoms among Patients with Stroke-A Hospital-Based Study in Southern Taiwan


邱善筠(Shan-Yun Chiu);曹汶龍(Long-Lung Tsao);蔡宗益(Tzung-Yi Tsai)

Key Words

中風 ; 憂鬱情緒 ; 台灣 ; stroke ; depressive symptoms ; Taiwan



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21卷2期(2014 / 04 / 25)

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73 - 80

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Background: With the progress of medical technology, the survival rate for stroke patients has continued to improve; however, the subsequent handicap may lead to serious psychological distress to provoke poor clinical manifestations for the affected individuals. Aims: To examine the depressive symptoms and related factors among stroke patients. Methods: A cross-sectional, correlational design with convenience sampling method was used to recruit 175 stroke subjects at a hospital in southern Taiwan between Jul. 2011 and Jun. 2012. The structured questionnaire used gathered information on respondent demographic data, disease characteristics, and information provided by the Taiwanese Depression Questionnaire. Influencing factors were determined by multiple logistic regression. Results: Findings showed that the crude and age-standardized prevalence of depressive symptoms among the participants were 30.29% and 18.85%, respectively. Those who had sleep disturbances, comorbidities, reporting having no religious belief, poorer activity of daily living, or lower level of acceptance of disability demonstrated a significantly higher risk of depression compared to those without these conditions. Conclusion: Findings may be beneficial in identifying the epidemiology of depressive symptoms and pinpointing individuals with a higher predisposition for depressive symptoms, which could then facilitate the provision of appropriate rehabilitation interventions to enhance the quality of holistic care as well as survival rates for them.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫院管理與醫事行政
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