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Adult Intramedullary Anaplastic Astrocytoma in the Spinal Cord: A Case Report


陳良城(Liang-Cheng Chen);蔡高宗(Kao-Chung Tsai);劉復康(Fu-Kong Lieu)

Key Words

脊髓腫瘤 ; 星狀細胞瘤 ; 退變 ; spinal cord neoplasm ; astrocytoma ; anaplasia



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27卷2期(1999 / 06 / 01)

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79 - 84

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Adult anaplastic astrocytomas comprise a small subset of intramedullary spinal cord tumors and carry a dismal prognosis. Characteristically, a short prodrome occurs only several weeks before diagnosis, followed by progressive neurological deterioration and death. This article describes a 48-year-old male patient suffering from lower back pain with radiculagia and progressive weakness of both lower limbs for 5 months. The patient was initially diagnosed as having a lower lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and underwent laminectomy with spinal rods instrumentation two months following the diagnosis. The symptoms gradually worsened and cauda equina syndrome developed thereafter. Two months later, a second subtotal cytoreductive surgery was performed and anaplastic intramedullary astrocytoma was proved by pathology results. Based on this case report, careful history taking and detailed examination should be emphasized in patients inflicted with lower back pain and progressive sensory and motor deficits.

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