Politicized to Mobilize? A Longitudinal Study of First-Time Voters' Voting Intentions in Taiwan, 2004-2016

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Karl Ho;Cal Clark;Alexander C. Tan

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young voters ; participation ; voting behavior ; mobilization ; first-time voters ; 年輕選民 ; 參與 ; 投票行為 ; 動員 ; 首投族



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24卷2期(2017 / 11 / 01)

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97 - 115

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Chinese Abstract

Much has been made about the "coming of age" of many Taiwanese young and new voters as an important factor contributing to the gratifying electoral result of the DPP and its pan-Green allies. The Taiwanese case, then, may be considered an aberration as the increased political activism among the younger Taiwanese voters stands in some contrast to the supposed apathy of their counterparts in the Western world. Indeed, this particular generation of young Taiwanese voters may have been "politicized" so much so that they are also easily "mobilized." In this paper, we examine whether Taiwanese new voters are indeed politicized and whether their politicization translates to voting intentions. Using longitudinal TEDS surveys to detect common patterns of first-time voters' voting behavior, preliminary results from our multivariate analysis indicate that first-time voters are not different in likelihood of participating in voting compared to other voters. The subtle difference, however, resides on the viable options with which these young cohorts can identify. This can be part of the reason they are more supportive of the new parties than merely the traditional parties.

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