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Using the Method of Oral History in Teaching Elementary School's Social Studies


吳翎君(Lin-Chun Wu)

Key Words

口述歷史 ; 歷史教學 ; 小學社會科 ; oral history ; history teaching ; primary curriculum of social studies



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12期(2001 / 04 / 01)

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157 - 172

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Using the method of oral history is just beginning in Taiwan's school teaching, but almost avail in history department of University. In foreign Country, the method of oral history as a common and important teaching skill from the different stage, includes the primary school, high school, even to the community college. The attainment target of oral history teaching in primary school is totally different from college, not to be trained as a professional historian, but to encourage the pupil learning by self spontaneously, enhance their thinking and imagination. To visit the senior always make pupil has a ”socialized grown up”, learning how to make up with people and have a good manner. Besides, the method of oral history helps the pupil to experience the transformation of the past, to understand sympathetically the generation gap between there porter and speaker, to think the connection between ”past, now, and future”, and finally furnish the historical consciousness. This paper test some oral history examples for the primary curriculum of social studies.

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