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The Synthesis and Dyeability of Hydroxycarboxylic-azo dyes


邱宗鈺(J. Y. Chiou);林尚明(S. M. Lin);葉逸彥(Y. Y. Yeh)

Key Words

混紡織物 ; 羧基偶氮染料 ; 重氮化反應 ; 偶合反應 ; 聚酯/羊毛混紡織物 ; 染色 ; blends ; carboxylic-azo dye ; diazotising ; coupling ; carboxylic-azo dyes ; polyester/ wool blend ; dyeing



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7卷2期(2000 / 06 / 01)

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183 - 203

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Chinese Abstract

本實驗主要目的乃針對聚酯/羊毛之混紡織物製備出一系列含有羥基與羧酸基團之單偶氮染料。所欲製備之染料可籍由2-氨基苯甲酸、3-氨基苯甲 酸和4-氨基苯甲酸等三種重氮成份,經重氮化反應後製成重氮液再分別與二苯胺、水楊酸、鄰苯酚、酚AS、7-甲基-2-酚, 2,7-二羥基和1,5-二羥基等不同的偶合成份經偶合反應後獲得。自製之含羥基偶氮染料再分別對聚酯、羊毛及聚酯/羊毛混紡織物來進行染色,並評估各種染色堅牢度。由結果得知所有染料其堅牢度性質均合乎商業需求,由染色結果顯示有三支單偶氮染料,染聚酯和羊毛織物可得幾乎相同之色澤與深度。

English Abstract

The present work aims to investigate and develop a series of monoazo dyes containing carboxyl group for the polyester/wool blends fabrics, These dyes were obtained by the coupling of diazotised 2-aminobenzoic acid, 3- aminobenzoic acid and 4- aminobenzoic acid with diphenylamine,salicylicacid,o- Phenylphenol, naphtholAS, 7-methoxy-2-naphthol, 1,5 dithydroxynaphthalene. These dyes were dyed on polyester, wool, polyester/wool blend fabric and their dyeing and fastness properties evaluated. The fastness properties of all the dyed samples were in accord with commercial requirements, and three of the monoazo dyes dyed polyester and wool fabrics to approximately the same depth.

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