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The Synthesis and Microcapsulation of Hydroxylic-azo Dyes and the Study of their Dyeability


陳垠旭(Y.H. Chan);林尚明(S. M. Lin);葉逸彥(Y. Y. Yeh)

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羥基偶氮染料 ; 微膠囊 ; 聚酯/羊毛混紡織物 ; hydroxylic-azo dyes ; microcapsulation ; polyester/wool blend fabrics



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7卷4期(2000 / 12 / 01)

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333 - 344

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Chinese Abstract


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The resent work aims to investigate and develop series of monoazo dyes containing hydroxy group for the polyester/wool blend fabrics. These dyes were prepared by the coupling of diazotised 2-hydroxyaniline, 3-hydroxyaniline and 4-hydroxyaniline with 2,3-dihYdroxynaphthalene.The resulting hydroxylic-azo dyes were Subjected to LC-Mass and 1HNMR. ]These dyes and their microcapsules were dyed on polyester, wool, polyester/wool blend, the dyeing and fastness properties were evaluated for all cases. Finally the fastness properties of all the dyed samples were in accord with commercial requirements. Introduction of hydroxy groups to the azo dye skeleton enhances the solubility of dye, giving the dyeability of wool increase. All of them were found to dye polyester and wool fabrics to approximately the same deapth.

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