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The Research on the Effect of Chang Twist Multiplier by RFL Dipping System of PET Filament


凌敬恆(J. H. Ling);邢文灝(W. H. Hsing)

Key Words

撚係數 ; 浸漬 ; 輸送帶 ; 撚縮 ; twist multiplier ; dipping ; and conveyer belt ; twist take-up



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

7卷4期(2000 / 12 / 01)

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395 - 406

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Chinese Abstract

本研究係以聚酯長纖為原料;配合RFL浸漬液對聚酯長纖合股線進行浸漬處理。藉由改變撚係數;研究撚係數對於合股線撚縮、強伸度及浸漬處理後合股線熱縮、強伸度之影響。由實驗結果得知;撚縮及伸率都是隨著撚係數提高而增加;熱縮隨撚係數提高而下降。在強力部份;2x 5x 1000d的紗線在第一撚撚係數為2;第二撚撚係數為3.5時有最高強力。3x 3x 1000d的紗線在第一撚撚數為2.5第二撚撚係數為3時有最高強力。6x 3x 1000d的紗線在第一撚和第二撚撚係數皆為2時有最高強力。

English Abstract

In this study, ply yam is used with the PET filament and dipped with RFL system. By changing the twist multiplier, we analyse the properties of strength, elongation and heat shrinkage for the PET ply yam. It is found the twist shrinkage and elongation increasing by twist multiplier, but the heat shrinkage decreasing. The best strength is 2 of twist multiplier in first twist and 3.5 of twist multiplier in second twisting of 2x5x l000d. The best strength is 2.5 of twist multiplier in first twist and 3 of twist multiplier in second twisting of 3x3xl000d. The other type of 6x3 x 1 000d, the best strength are 2 of twist multiplier in first and second twist.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 基礎與應用科學綜合