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Objective Evaluation for the Visual Texture of Fabrics PartⅢ - Discriminant Analysis Method


賴顯松(Sang-Song Lai)

Key Words

織物視覺質感 ; 客觀評估 ; 區別分析 ; visual texture of fabrics ; shirts ; objective evaluation ; discriminant analysis



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8卷4期(2001 / 12 / 01)

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420 - 429

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Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在利用區別分析法,建立織物質感的客觀評估模式,盼望藉由幾個具關鍵性的織物結構及色彩性質,去架構織物質感的預測模式。由研究結果發現,確實可籍由紗支數、撚度、撚向、織物密度、厚度、重量、組織 結構及織物色彩三刺激值等十一項性質,去建立織物質感的客觀評估區別函數。惟其正確區別率僅在53-63%之間,效果並不十分理想。在後續研究組, 吾人將嘗試別種統計技法,以尋求更佳的織物質感評估模式。

English Abstract

This study aims to use Discriminant Analysis Method to establish an objective evaluation method of fabric textures,hoping that the prediction model of fabric textures can be configured through few key fabric structures and color properties. The study results show that Discriminant Function of fabric textures can in fact be established through the 11 properties. including yarn count, twisting count, twist directions (warp and weft), fabric ∞unt, thickness, weight, weave and fabric color tristimulus values. However, the result is unsatisfactory when the correct discriminant rate only lies between 53-63%. Other statistical methods will be tried in the future studies to find a fabric textural evaluation model that has good prediction ability.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 基礎與應用科學綜合