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The Study on the Manufacturing of Fireresistant Foaming Cellular Board from Recycled Materials


連恭進(G. J. Lian);李貴琪(K. C. Lee)

Key Words

回收廢棄物 ; 聚笨乙烯 ; 防火 ; 多孔質材料 ; wasted materials recycle ; polystyrene ; fueresistant ; pore structure materials



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8卷4期(2001 / 12 / 01)

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430 - 437

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Chinese Abstract

本研究像以紡織工業之聚酯廢纖為強化材,以熱可塑性保力龍塑膠為基 材,經由混練、熱壓等工程製成發泡板,籍著改變防火劑、發泡劑、強化材 的量,來探討複合材料之機械性質及防火性。由實驗結果發現,其最佳比例 條件為PET量25%、發泡劑量O.9g、防火劑量15%。

English Abstract

The recycle of wasted thermoplastic polystyrene was used as the matrix mixing with the wasted PET, foaming agents, and flame retardants. The sample of wasted fiber board were fanned by the mixing and hot pressing. The immersion effect, their mechanical properties and the best treatment conditions of the cellular material were studied. The results indicate that the best treatment condition is found to be PET25%、ADCAO.9g、and flame retardants15%.

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