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Nursing Experience of a Fracture Patient with Amputation Receiving Take down T Loop Colostomy




李霈宸(Pei-Chen Lee);陳淑卿(Shu-Ching Chen);洪秀琴(Hsiu-Chin Hung)

Key Words

骨折 ; 截肢 ; 結腸造口復位 ; fracture ; amputation ; take down t loop colostomy



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19卷2期(2008 / 06 / 01)

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241 - 253

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This case study reported the nursing experience for a fracture patient with amputation receiving take down T loop colostomy. The duration of nursing care was between April 11 and April 21, 2006. The Roy's adaptation theory was used to assess nursing problem through direct care, systematic interview, and physical examination. Nursing problems identified included impaired tissue integrity, pain, impaired physical mobility, and disturbance body image. Nursing intervention programs included wound care, appropriate pain management, teaching relaxation for pain relief, enhancing muscle power, assisting performing getting of bed activities, and encouraging facing the reality of body change. The intervention enabled the patient learn to adapt her appearance and lifestyle change, cooperate with treatment, improve self-confidence, and achieve effective integration. The nursing experience can serve as a clinical reference for caring fracture amputation patients and take down T loop colostomy patients in the future.

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