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An Elementary School Teacher Presents Values in Mathematics Teaching




呂玉琴(Yuh-Chyn Leu)

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個案研究 ; 數學教學 ; 價值 ; case study ; mathematics teaching ; values



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8卷1期(2000 / 03 / 01)

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57 - 76

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Chinese Abstract

本研究欲探討:個案教師在數學教學中呈現了哪些價值?這些價值之間是否有什麼關係?哪些因素影響了這些價值?我們先借用Raths, Harmin和Simon的價值形成的理論來界定既存的價值。研究方法為教室觀察及訪談,研究樣本是一個在國小任教21年的女老師。研究結果主要有三:1.根據研究資料修改Raths等人的價值形成的理論,重新建立價值的操作型定義。2.根據重新建立的價值的操作型定義,我們得到一個國小教師在數學教學中呈現的五個價值,如:學習數學應力求個人的努力和領悟、教育的目的在引導學生恢復覺性、…等。並以珍視的程度來建立上述五個價值之間的關係。3.影響價值的可能因素包括:宗教、課程的改變、社會的價值觀、知識、個人的能力及宗教的派別。最後,根據研究結果,我們提出幾個建議,如:研究樣本接觸佛教對師資培育的啟示,佛教思想與新課程之契合對研究樣本所產生的影響的啟示…等。

English Abstract

The purpose of this study was to investigate the values a Taiwanese elementary school teacher presents during mathematics instruction. Is there any relationship between these values? What kinds of factors influence these values? The investigation applied a theoretical framework, which is developed by Raths, Harmin, and Simon’s values clarification, to define the values. Data were collected through classroom observations and interviews. The research subject is a female who has been teaching elementary school for 21 years. The research results indicated: 1. The Raths, et al. Theory needed revision and the operational definition for ”value” was reconstructed, 2. According to the operational definition of value, there are five values that the elementary school teacher presented. (e.g., personal efforts and understanding are essential to learning mathematics, the purpose of education is to reinstate students' original enlightenment). The degree of prizing influences the relationships of the above five values, 3. The factors that may influence values include: religion, the reform of curriculum, societal values, knowledge, personal ability, and the sects of religion. Finally, according to the research results, the following assertions are made: the research subject was in contact with Buddhism and this has implications for teacher education, and the consistency between the new curriculum and Buddhism influenced the research subject.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學
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