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Through a Case Study of Science Education of a Macao School Examining Processes of Implementation of Multiple Assessment




麥瑞琪(Soi-Kei Mak);張國祥(Kwok-Cheung Cheung);楊文佳(Man-Kai Ieong);薛寶嫦(Pou-Seong Sit)

Key Words

Rubrics評分規準 ; 多元評量 ; 科學教育 ; 核心素養 ; 學習進程 ; Rubrics Assessment Scale ; Multiple Assessment ; Science Education ; Core Literacy ; Learning Progression



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28卷S期(2020 / 12 / 01)

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457 - 482

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Based on a case study conducted in a secondary school in Macao that practices literacy-based school education and promotes school-based science curriculum development, this study sought to investigate the essential characteristics of multiple assessment in literacy-oriented science education. Based on the current foundation of assessment, the methods and procedures of how rubrics assessment scales can be designed and utilized to verify learning objectives and students' basic competencies in science were the focus of examination in this study. These methods and procedures are able to evaluate objectively whether a student's learning progression can achieve the academic standards as laid down in the curriculum standards, resulting in enrichment of multiple assessment in school and providing evidence for informed policy making regarding school improvement and instructional effectiveness. This case study renders readers opportunities to understand the processes pertaining to the implementation of multiple assessment. Additionally, analysis of these processes allows investigators to understand that multiple assessment possess dual characteristics of "quantity" and "quality." Suggestions forwarded in this study are that investigators using multiple assessment should pay attention to the reciprocal feedback between students and their teachers, and be forward-looking and provide scaffolding support for students to learn better. The ultimate aim of multiple assessment is to guide students to progress to the next stage of learning or development, and migrate closer to success in learning.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學