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The Reform of Clinical Education of Surgery for Medical Students: Surgery 100




林佐武(Tsuo-Wu Lin);張金堅(King-Jen Chang)

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核心課程 ; 核心學分 ; core course ; core curriculum



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1卷4期(1997 / 12 / 01)

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389 - 396

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Chinese Abstract


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NTU-Surgery 100 is a core course of surgical education for 5th year medical students. This program is arranged by the medical secretary, and associated professor Tsuo-wu Lin who is under the supervision of department chief of surgery, professor King-jen Chang. Each topic has a description of the disease history and followed by a few questions. The course includes 100 topics covering the most common diseases that occur in Taiwan which need surgical intervention. Students may obtain the list of topics before the semester begins. All the faculty members, the attending doctors and chief residents devote time to the course. Every topic has 30 minutes for discussion. The course covers 10 topics each day for a total of 10 days. The final week is arranged for a person-to-person training course, so that each student can work with a faculty member to know how a surgeon does. If this core course does well, it will be added to the core curriculum for the medical students. (Full Text in Chinese)

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