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Questionnaire-based Evaluation on Teaching Effectiveness of Medical Courses




王惠珀(Hui-Po Wang);洪永泰(Yung-Tai Hung);何弘能(Hong-Nerng Ho);李明濱(Ming-Been Lee);謝博生(Bor-Shen Hsieh)

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醫學課程 ; 教學成效 ; 問卷調查 ; medical course ; teaching effectiveness ; questionnaire-based survey



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1卷4期(1997 / 12 / 01)

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411 - 420

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Abreast with the introduction of curriculum reform of medical education at National Taiwan University College of Medicine, systematic quantitative measurement of teaching effectiveness of medical courses was implemented. The measurements were conducted in large-sized classes of medical students using a questionnaire-based survey on course instructors. The teaching effectiveness was evaluated in terms of four dimensions, namely teaching attitude, course content, teaching methods and student's global assessment of the instructor, and was measured on a five-point Likert scale ranging from highly satisfied to extremely dissatisfied. This report summarizes the feedback from students registered in 1996 academic year. Three hundred and twenty one instructors in 26 medical courses were evaluated. A total of 1,748 questionnaires were returned with a returnratc of 30.7%. The average number of instructors evaluated in each questionnaire sheet was 12. Lack of enthusiasm of the students in participation of the evaluation remains a problem. Statistical analysis on the evaluation results of 321 instructors showed that course content had the highest correlation with student's global assessment of the instructor amongst the three measuring dimensions. Statistical analysis between students' responses to the instructors and the credit hours of the courses indicated that students were most satisfied with 4 credit hour courses and least satisfied with 6 credit hour courses. The number of instructors in one course did not affect students' judgment on teaching effectiveness. Actually, 89.0±10.3% of the students expressed their satisfaction with Introduction to Internal Medicine, a course offered by 19 instructors. No significant difference was observed between instructors' position and students' rating on the instructors. However, students were more satisfied with course content delivered by associate professors, assistant professors and instructors than with professors and invited lecturers. (Full Text in Chinese)

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