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Students' Reflection from the Course of "Human and Medical Care"




呂碧鴻(Bee-Horng Lue);李明濱(Ming-Been Lee);李宇宙(Yue-Joe Lee);高美英(Meei-Ying Kao);謝光煬(Kuang-Yang Hsieh)

Key Words

醫療照護 ; 醫病溝通 ; 醫療團隊 ; 醫學人文 ; medical care ; physician-patient communication ; medical team ; medical humanity



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2卷1期(1998 / 03 / 01)

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43 - 48

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Interaction between patient and physician is an essential aspect of medical care quality. The course ”Human and Medical Care” seeks to increase medical student's understanding of inpatients' feelings and expectations through the process of interviewing and observing the interactions among patient, family and physician. The course also aims to increase student's appreciation of the importance of medical teamwork through observing the process of their patient care. Qualitative analysis of reports in which students were asked to express what they have learned in this course were used to assess the teaching effectiveness of the course. Main themes in the reports were classified into one of the following four categories: psychosocial aspects, physician-patient communication, medical teamwork and explanation of disease and examination procedures. 77% of responding students were concerned about emotional reaction; 43% realized that the quality of the physician-patient relationship was related to the effectiveness of communication; 27% acknowledged and respected the role and function of other medical professionals, 23% noted communication problems among team members; 43% emphasized the necessity of explanation the disease and examination process. Most students expressed that the course increased their empathy for patients. These results indicate that the course is effective in accomplishing its teaching goals and that participation may improve the ability of the students to deliver quality medical care.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥總論
社會科學 > 教育學
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