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Correlations between the Auditory Event-related Potentials and Intelligence Quotient in Female College Students




陳泰瑞(Tai-Jui Chen);陳筱萍(Sheau-Ping Chen);陳明招(Ming-Chao Chen);張鈺姍(Yu-San Chang);林清華(Ching-Hwa Lin);楊志偉(Chih-Wei Yang);餘伍洋(Younger W-Y Yu)

Key Words

年輕女性 ; 聽覺誘發波P300 ; 智商 ; young females ; auditory evoked potentials P300 ; IQ



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

19卷1期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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73 - 77

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Chinese Abstract

目的:長程聽覺誘發波常在認知功能受損病患出現異常,但長程聽覺誘發波與正常人智商的關係則少有研究;本研究的目的在於探討正常年輕女性長程聽覺誘發波與智力的關係。方法:199名無輕女生施予智商與聽覺誘發波的檢測。結果:P300振幅與智商有顯著正相關,尤其與注意力相關的項目,特別是語言智商中的 Arithmetic項目;而P300潛時則與智商無顯著相關。結論:P300振幅可能可以當作智力測驗的某些項目生物性指標。

English Abstract

Objective: Cognitively impaired individuals are known to have abnormal long latency of auditory event-related potentials (AEPs), but few studies have investigated the correlations between AEPs and intelligence. In this study we explored possible correlations between the P300 of AEPs and performance of intelligence tests in young females. Methods: A total of 199 female college students with mean age of 19.7 years old were enrolled. P300 and intelligence quotient (IQ) were assessed. Results: A significant positive correlation was found between P300 amplitude and IQ in attention related items such as arithmetic of verbal IQ. But there was no positive correlation between P300 latency and IQ. Conclusion: The findings of study suggest that P300 amplitude may be a biological marker for attention-related IQ. (Full text in Chinese)

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 社會醫學
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