Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Sexual Desire Inventory in Patients with Schizophrenia

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李綉惠(Hsiu-Hui Lee);朱元祥(Yuan-Hsiang Chu);阮芳賦(Fang-Fu Ruan);曾冬勝(Dong-Sheng Tzeng);龍佛衛(For-Wey Lung)

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驗證性因素分析 ; 性需求 ; 精神分裂症 ; 性需求評量 ; confirmatory factor analysis ; sexual desire ; schizophrenia ; SDI



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21卷3期(2007 / 09 / 01)

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176 - 184

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Chinese Abstract

目的:旨在以精神分裂症病人驗證性需求評量表因素分析,並探討精神分裂症病人之性需求現況與背景變項之相關性。方法:本研究採用問卷調查法及統計分析法進行,以某區域教學醫院之住院、門診精神分裂症病人為研究對象,以立意方式共選取89人,將調查所得之社會人口學與性需求資料統計分析。結果:驗證性需求評量表因素分析發現,性需求評量表之潛在變項的結構模式驗證修正後以三因素(有性伴侶性需求、無性伴侶性需求、比較性性需求)結構方程模式顯示,其整體適配度2=54.28;P=0.68;goodness-of-fit index=0.93是適當的。統計顯示,精神分裂症病人性需求與性別、罹病時間有顯著差異。結論:根據本研究結果,因文化上的差異,性需求之歸納有所不同,此外女性與長期的罹病有較低的性需求,此結果可作為醫療專業團隊臨床實務工作的參考。

English Abstract

Objective: The aim of this study was to use confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in a sexual desire inventory of schizophrenia patients to investigate the relationship between sexual desire in schizophrenic patients and related socio-demographic factors. Methods: Eighty-nine patients with remitted schizophrenia were consecutively selected from a teaching hospital in southern Taiwan. All patients completed the sexual desire inventory (SDI) and demographic and clinical data were obtained. Results: The results of the CFA show the three-factor model (dyadic, solitary and mixed) from the SDI was the best fit (P=0.68; goodness-of-fit index=0.93). Statistically significant differences were demonstrated for gender and duration of illness comparing to the three factors. Multiple linear regression showed an inverse relationship between duration of illness and sexual desire. Conclusion: The study can be used as a reminder of sexual desire issue in clinical practice.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 社會醫學
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