Sexual Behaviors of Middle-age and Older People in Southern Taiwan

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趙建剛(Jian-Kang Chao);林燕卿(Yen-Chin Lin);馬瀰嘉(Mi-Chia Ma);郝立智(Lyh-Jyh Hao);奚明德(Ming-Der Shi)

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性行為 ; 中老年人 ; 性滿意度 ; 性需求 ; sexual behavior ; older adults ; sexual satisfaction ; sexual desire



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23卷4期(2009 / 12 / 01)

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307 - 319

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Objective: This study was to investigate the relationship of demographic variables to the sexual behavior, sexual desire and sexual satisfaction of the elderly population in Southern Taiwan. Methods: A total of 283 individuals over the age of 45 years was recruited from communities in Southern Taiwan. Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire form. Results: In the past year, except for masturbation (20.1%), the percentage of people participating in general sexual behavior at least once per month was found to be nearly 40% for most elderly adults, including touching/hand holding (42.8%), embracing (42.8%), kissing (38.2%), mutual stroking (41.7%) and sexual intercourse (40.3%). The most common sexually related problem was found to have a hypoactive sexual desire in both male and female participants. This study clearly showed that age, partner, education level and health status influences sexual behavior, these items also have relevance to sexual satisfaction and sexual desire. If sexual satisfaction was rated using a binary outcome and then analyzed using multiple logistic regression analyses forward model selection the factors influencing sexual satisfaction were found to be partner, alcohol and sexual desire. Conclusion: The sexual life of the elderly should be observed from a broad point of view, rather than just focusing on sexual intercourse, because simple hand holding, intimate closeness, hugs, or mutual stroking can also give elderly partners sexual satisfaction.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 社會醫學
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