Retrospective Study of the Prevalence of Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer


Omar Abdul Jabbar;Basma Ezzat Mustafa;Nazih Shaban Mustafa;Muhanad Ali Kashmoola;Nur Amira A. Wahab;Nur Hasnin Ahmad Raidin

Key Words

Retrospective ; prevalence ; recurrent aphthous ulcers


Journal of International Dental and Medical Research

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11卷2期(2018 / 07 / 01)

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614 - 620

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Chinese Abstract

The prevalence of Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer (RAU) is varied in different regions of the world. There is insufficient survey in prevalence of RAU in Malaysia as the only latest figure available is about 18 years ago. This study aimed to measure the prevalence of RAU in patients attending Dental Clinic-college of dentistry within 5 academic years and to know the distribution and relation of RAU based on the most common type of RAU, gender, race and age range. A retrospective cross-sectional study based on the confirmed case of RAU from the students' Oral Medicine logbooks and case sheets from the attended patients’ folder to Oral Medicine Dental Clinic- college of dentistry from academic year 2012/2013 to 2016/2017. 160 patients were diagnosed of RAU.0.42% of prevalence among the total patients was found to have RAU. As compared between the Oral Medicine cases, patients that were diagnosed with RAU shows prevalence of 11.13%. The most common type was minor RAU (96.9%), followed by major (3.1%) and no patient was presented with herpetiform type. Based on gender, females showed more predilection of RAU compared to males with 60.6%. Age range of 20-29 showed the highest percentage of 71.3 % and Malay showed the most common race of RAU compared to Chinese and Indian which was 97.4%. The results indicate there is a relation between the type of RAU, age, gender, race and with the prevalence of RAU. Further studies should include larger sample size with a wider range of populations.

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