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Investigation on Processing Potentiality of Surplus Farm Products in ILan Area




江翠燕(Tsuey-Yan Jiang)

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農產品 ; 宜蘭 ; 加工 ; 農業科技體系 ; 農業推廣 ; 農會 ; farm products ; ILan ; processing ; agricultural technology system ; agriculture extension ; farmers' association



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6期(2001 / 06 / 01)

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103 - 114

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ILan County is a typical agricultural place with different varieties of farm products in North East of Taiwan. Based on research and investigation of farmers' associations at ILan, there are usually balanced on production and consumption of farm products at urban towns but over-production problems at suburb area. After evaluating the processing potentiality of surplus farm products, it is important to extend expired date through improving the post harvest techniques for scallion and garlic during transportation and consumption. In addition, pomelo, muskmelon, pomegranate, and wax gourd melon are also important farm products with potentiality to develop processing techniques. The improvement of processing techniques should be developed by specialized organizations, agricultural experts and expended to all the farm families and processing groups, especially on raising outstanding farmers, strengthening function of farmers' asssociations. The problem of farm products surplus will be expected to reduce through two models promoted: the small processing model at single family or families gathering and the mass processing model at function integrated of farmers' associations. The issues we also discussed are about the situation of technology system of farm products with processing in Ilan area.

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