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Effects of Exercise on Cardiac Dysfunction Induced by the Combination of Obesity and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: The Role of Myokines




黃森芳(Sen-Fang Huang);陳聰毅(Tsung-I Chen)

Key Words

脂肪激素 ; 發炎反應 ; 纖維化 ; 間歇性低氧 ; adipokine ; inflammation ; cardiac fibrosis ; intermittent hypoxia



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135期(2015 / 12 / 31)

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67 - 77

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Chinese Abstract


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Obesity and intermittent hypoxia (IH) occurring during obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) are two independent risk factors for impaired ventricular function; moreover, cardiac dysfunction is exacerbated when the two factors co-occur. Regular exercise provides beneficial effects to attenuate cardiac fibrosis by reducing body fat and preventing adipokine dysregulation. However, it is still unclear whether muscle-derived cytokines (myokines) released during exercise play a role in the prevention of IH-induced cardiac dysfunction. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the influence of myokines on the dysregulation of adipokines and reduction of ventricular dysfunction. The role that myokine plays in the effect of exercise on cardiac function in obese OSA patients was discussed within a literature review. The conclusion of this paper is that in obese individuals, excess adipose mass triggers dysregulation of adipokines, which leads to myocardial inflammation resulting in left ventricular dysfunction. Exercise induces an increase in energy expenditure, and also triggers the release of myokine into circulation by skeletal muscles, accelerating lipid metabolism and inhibiting the release of excess adipokines. This process helps alleviate myocardial inflammation and prevent the impairment of ventricular function. This paper suggests that future studies should investigate the effects of myokine on the lipid metabolism, including how to efficiently reduce fat deposition and alleviate inflammation. In effect, muscle-derived cytokines can be considered an anti-inflammatory medication. This provides support for advocating that regular exercise provides cardioprotective effects against the impairment of cardiac function in obese OSA patients.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學
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