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Competence Development of Basketball Referees’ Judgement




謝文偉(Wen-Wei Hsieh)

Key Words

溝通 ; 壓力 ; 專業形象 ; communication ; stress ; professional image



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136期(2016 / 03 / 31)

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32 - 41

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Being a basketball referee requires high ethical standards, resistance to stress, quick reaction time and good physical fitness. During the development of referees’ professional competence, good judgment and physical strength are more important. The purpose of this article was to conduct a literature review aimed at enhancing the referees’ professional skills by providing a method for increasing basketball referees’ decisive judgment ability. Findings revealed in this article: Basketball referees can undergo autogenic training to develop and sharpen their communicative ability, courage, insight, physical fitness, concentration and perceptiveness. Moreover, the authority should provide training and education to promote the ethics and performance of referees, build judgment consistency, emphasize the skill of game control, and reinforce their professional ethos, with the goal of establishing a professional image for basketball referees. Suggestions for future research include a discussion of related research about the ability of basketball referees to provide apt judgment and smooth and timely enforcement. This research provides a reference that can be used to enhance basketball referees’ professional judgment.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學
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