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An Improvement Project for Patients with Viper Bite to Receive Serum




黃鎧淳(Kai-Chun Huang);馬瑞菊(Jui-Chu Ma);陳綉卿(Hsiu-Chiu Chen);李淑玲(Shu-Ling Lee)

Key Words

急診 ; 毒蛇咬傷 ; 抗蛇毒血清 ; 等待時間 ; Emergency ; Snake bite ; Antivenins ; Waiting time



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10卷2期(2009 / 08 / 01)

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106 - 120

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Immediately receiving antivenins is an important step in the treatment of snake bites. However, based on the data from the emergency department of the hospital, the waiting time for antivenins was much longer than 30 minutes, which is the time recommended by the Taiwan National Poison Control Center of Taipei Veterans General Hospital. Through the investigation and analysis, the following reasons were found: 1. There was insufficient nursing education on handling snake bite wounds. 2. The standard manual for nursing care of snake bite patients has not been established. 3. There was no clear and obvious viper picture for patients to distinguish. In the scheme, the following solutions were designed: 1. Provide training. 2. Establish the standard manual for nursing care of snake bite patients. 3. Provide clear and obvious viper pictures for distinguishing. Since the improving measures have been implemented, the waiting time for applying antivenins has been reduced from 65.2 minutes to 32.4 minutes. Although it still did not meet the target criteria, the waiting time was reduced significantly. The target-achieving rate was 93% and the quality-improving rate was 50.3%. The effect of the improvement scheme was confirmed in the project. It provides strong evidence for applying the scheme to other hospitals and to the community setting.

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