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The Experience of Helping a Vietnamese Primipara with Neonatal Care during Her Month of Postpartum Rest and Recoperation




林姿儀(Tzu-Yi Lin);劉文琪(Wen-Chi Liu);徐紫娟(Tzu-Chuan Hsu)

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越籍初產婦 ; 坐月子期間 ; 新生兒照護



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10卷2期(2009 / 08 / 01)

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57 - 69

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Chinese Abstract

本文是描述一位越籍初產婦坐月子期間照護新生兒之護理經驗。 個案因著語言的限制及文化的差異,所導致坐月子的不適應及缺乏照護新生兒的知識,而不知所措。筆者,於照顧個案坐月子期間2006年3月7日至3月26日,以訪視、會談、觀察方式及身體評估技巧收集資料,並運用Roy適應模式進行護理評估,發現其問題包括:坐月子文化差異衝突、低效性母乳哺餵、知識缺失(新生兒的照顧)。針對上述問題於護理過程中,藉由個案越南友人的協助,了解越南坐月子飲食,並教導負責幫個案坐月子的大姑,如何烹煮適合個案的口味,另一方面,自製中越版之圖文新生兒照護手冊,協助個案了解母乳哺餵技巧及新生兒照護方式。藉此護理經驗,期望能讓不同文化體系中的產婦能得到關注,獲得完整的支持系統及照顧,此護理過程作爲同仁日後臨床照護之參考。

English Abstract

The purpose of this case report is to describes the experience of neonatal care of a Vietnamese primipara during the month-long postbirth care. The client due to faulty adaptation of postpartum confinement and lack of knowledge on neonatal care from cultural and language differences. From March 7(superscript rd) to March 17(superscript th), 2006, data were collected using the Roy Adaptation Model. It was found that the Vietnamese primipara had the revealted that cultural differences and impact of confinement, low efficiency in breastfeeding and ignorance of how to carry out proper neonatal care. To slove problems, in tne process of nursing, by means of the mother's friends provided assistance in understanding Vietnamese food and drink of doing the month and taught the mother's sister in law how to cook meals, meanwhile, they assisted the mother in catching the knack of breastfeeding and the way of neonatal care by a self-made text and graphic manual of neonatal care in Chinese and Vietnamese. By sharing the experience of nursing, this paper can help the pregnant women who coming from different cultural groups to acquire close concern to ensure access to comprehensive supporting systems and care. This nursing process is presented as an example for the future clinical care.

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