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A Discussion on Health Related Issues for Elderly Women from Feminist Perspectives




韋淑玲(Shu-Lin Uei)

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女性主義 ; 老年婦女 ; 健康議題 ; Feminism ; elderly women ; health issue



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10卷2期(2009 / 08 / 01)

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7 - 14

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This article attempts to explore health related issues for elderly women from feminist perspectives. As males predominantly lead the health care delivery systems and policy-making around the world, the systems and policy-making have been heavily centered on male perspectives. Women's health has often been narrowed down to three points, emphasizing prevention and treatment of breast cancer and cervix cancer, and the issue of menopause during old age. Because of women's life expectancy increasing, the old age becomes the longest period women go through in life, especially for singles and widowed. In general, women often play the role of care-givers, they do not easily take others' care if not for health reasons. To an elderly woman, being healthy means independence and self-management of daily life, and being capable of managing her own life connotes dignity. Twentieth-century feminism not only stresses gender differences, but also recognizes women's characteristics. Understanding feminist thought helps nursing professionals see the values of and to gain further insights on nursing epistemology, and to revitalize the concept of ”care.” Dialogues on life experiences with elderly women can assist them discover their most comfortable physical, psychological, and spiritual state. As the majority of nursing professionals are females, it is their indispensable responsibility to care for the elderly women and to advocate for elderly women's health.

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