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Sharing Experience about Knowledge management




李秋霞(Chiu-Hsia Lee);陳俐利(Li-Li Chen);張玲華(Ling-Hua Chang);謝美慧(Mei-Hui Hsieh)

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知識管理 ; 知識螺旋理論 ; 知識分享 ; 知識物件 ; knowledge management ; knowledge spiral theory ; knowledge sharing ; knowledge object



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22卷1期(2021 / 03 / 01)

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10 - 17

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The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, and new trends in organization and management have emerged. Knowledge has become the most important capital for enterprise competition. The most important key to victory in competition has gradually shifted from the past tangible assets to the abilities on the establishments and accumulated applications of intangible knowledge. Landseed International Medical Group started to introduce it in 2013 and has looked forward to creating new corporate value by using the knowledge within the organization, so that more valuable knowledge can be passed on, shared and applied, so as to gain rapidly personal learning ability which can be used and applied to the work to generate added value, thereby to enhance the competitiveness of the organization. Therefore, our promotion cornerstone is based on the knowledge spiral theory that is an individual shares personal knowledge with team members, then the team members share their knowledge with the department, and then the department gives back the knowledge of the department to the personnel. Through this spiral behavior, the knowledge assets in the department are continuously accumulated. Therefore, we have obtained quite successful experience in the first-time application and promotion of the knowledge on wound drainage care. In addition to the improvement on the quality of care and the reduction of abnormal events, the results make colleagues more capable in dealing with the subsequent works and changes easily.

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