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Reducing the Unplanned Removal Rate of Endotracheal Tubes in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit




黃麗卿(Li-Chin Huang);林侑慧(Yu-Hui Lin);李秉儀(Ping-I Lee)

Key Words

新生兒加護病房 ; 非計畫性氣管內管滑脫 ; neonatal intensive care unit ; unplanned extubation



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22卷1期(2021 / 03 / 01)

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131 - 146

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The endotracheal tube is very important to the maintenance of the patient's airways, and the unplanned extubation (UE) rate is an important indicator to the medical quality. Once the unplanned removal occurs, apart from financial costing to the hospital, it will also endanger patient's safety. In 2016, the rate of UE in our neonatal intensive care unit was as high as 1.15%. After assessing the issue, we concluded problems include lack of suitable restraint aids, fixed adhesive tapes were not replaced in a timely manner, and lack of endotracheal tube care in-service education and securing techniques. After establish the methods aiming to reduce the risk of UE rate, those include apply the neonatal protective restraint aids, changes in the endotracheal tube adhesive tape fixation, design a protocol and checklist for securing endotracheal tubes care, produce teaching videos, organize educational training and so on. After implementing those measures, the rate of unplanned removal drop dramatically from 1.15% to 0%. In addition, the safety execution rate of nursing staff in endotracheal tube care increased from 46.4% to 87.8%. Our strategy has effectively improved the quality of endotracheal care in the neonatal intensive care unit, reduced the rate of UE, and reached the annual safety working goal for patients.

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