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Exploring Primiparae Parturition in Childbirth Experience-A Parse Nursing Research Method




潘碧霞(Bi-Shia Pan);顧雅利(Ya-Lie Ku);王琳華(Ling-Hua Wang)

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帕西護理研究法 ; 初產婦 ; 分娩經驗 ; Parse method study ; primipara ; parturition experience



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22卷1期(2021 / 03 / 01)

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18 - 37

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Background: Women have a strong desire towards childbirth, despite parturition being a highly celebrated event; it is also an unforgettable, excruciatingly painful experience for women. The meaning of parturition is determined by social environments and situational factors that women experienced, where parturition has a long-term effect on women's health and is a major subject in obstetrics care. Clinically, scant studies have adopted the Parse nursing research method when analyse women's parturition experiences. Objective: Investigation regarding the parturition experiences of primiparas. Method: This study was a qualitative study conducted using the Parse nursing research method. The study was executed during April to June 2017, where data were collected by conducting in-depth interviews with primiparas at a maternity specialist hospital in Kaohsiung applying the purposive sampling method. Subsequently, a collection, integration, and inspiration-based interpretation process was employed until the data analyses became saturated. The data from a total of four primiparas were collected. Result: The study results showed that the primiparas shared the following experiences during parturition: (i) delivery crisis unfolding- the mind determines situation, cherish and do not give up; (ii) Hesitate in the revealing-concealing, and fully committed to childbirth; (iii) Adversity moment, surprises that change life. Conclusion: Parse's human becoming theory is humanized science that applies respect and sincerity for individualized nursing care and share healthy life experiences with women giving birth. The goals were to develop a sense of trust and security between the women and nurses, creating a friendly birth given environment.

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