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Nursing experience of caring for a first diagnosed patient of cholangiocarcinoma with Anticipatory Grief




蘇佳萍(Chia-Ping Su);陳芝文(Chih-Wen Chen)

Key Words

膽管癌 ; 預期性哀傷 ; 護理經驗 ; cholangiocarcinoma ; anticipatory grief ; nursing care



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22卷1期(2021 / 03 / 01)

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84 - 98

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This article examines the nursing experience of cholangiocarcinoma first was diagnosed. After confirming that he is diagnosed with cancer, he feels that he is close to death and has feelings of fear and loss. During the nursing period from May 18 to June 6, 2018. The author collects information through observation, interviews, and medical records, and Gordon's 11 functional health patterns were used to assess the patient's nursing needs. It confirmed the patient of three health problems of pain, anxiety, and anticipatory grief. In the process of nursing, the author takes active care and empathy as the starting point, encourages patients to express their inner concerns and helps patients face the feeling of loss. Reduce fear of death and reduce negative emotions through nostalgic treatment and life review. Use listening and companionship to affirm the patient's life and achievements, guide patients and their families to express their feelings, and help patients and their families face and accept diseases and face sorrow. Help patients and their families to go out of the grief process to successfully cooperate with follow-up treatment plans, regain meaningful life and maintain quality of life.

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