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The Practice of Critical Psychology in Taiwan: The Organizations of Filipinos Chinese and Exile Tibetan Spouses as Examples




龔尤倩(Yu-Chien Kung);鄭小塔(Hsiao-Ta Jeng)

Key Words

心理學化 ; 示演心理學 ; 地方知識 ; 批判心理學 ; critical psychology ; local knowledge ; performing psychology ; psychologization



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73期(2020 / 12 / 01)

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213 - 261

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Positivism, commercialization and Western colonization have deeply influenced the development of mainstream psychology. Consequently, it overlooks the subjectivity of human beings, ignores the historical, political, and social context of human behaviors, and emphasizes that people need to adapt to the society. This stance is being challenged by critical psychology which emphasizes the grass root practice. Extending the leftist tradition of European critical psychology and American social therapy, this paper explored the indigenous approach of critical psychology in Taiwan embedded in its local practices. Through the analysis of two social implementations of CAFC (Concern Alliance for Filipinos Chinese) and the organization of Exile Tibetan Spouses in Taiwan, we argue that the community-development based critical psychological model is a good exemplar for Taiwan. Challenging the power, while reflexively transforming the actor, the other, and the society, subjectivity and social changes can be facilitated.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 心理學