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The Effects of Container Culture on Growth and Development of Welsh Onion




尤進欽(Jinn-Chin Yiu);郭純德(Chun-Teh Kuo);方怡丹(Yi-Tan Fang);劉芯瑄(Shin-Shiuan Liou)

Key Words

青蔥 ; 籃耕栽培 ; 根溫 ; welsh onion ; plastic container culture ; root-zone temperature



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9卷1期(2007 / 03 / 31)

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19 - 33

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In order to improve the welsh onion culture system, we used the 30 cm depth of plastic containers in this experiment. Welsh onion was evaluated in 2006 under the three planting method: in the ground, container in netted house and container in outdoor. Due to insufficient sun light, the growth of welsh onion from container culture in netted house was not well on 23 March. The plants cultured in containers located in outdoor was better than those in the ground, and was earlier about 20 day to harvest. The quality and quantity of welsh onion was the best on 22 June among different seasons, and planting method did not affect the growth of welsh onion. In general, the quality of welsh onion was poor in the summer when compared to other seasons, especially on harvested date of 27 August. Compared with welsh onion under the three planting methods, the length of blanched sheath, plant height and diameters of blanched sheath were the best when using container culture. The major reason maybe root-zone temperature was significantly lower in the container medium than the ground soil. The growth of welsh onion were recovered till 1 December, but its growth were still worse than that harvested at 22 June. Based on above results, welsh onion was cultured in containers were better than those in ground, but avoid locating in netted house during winter. The container-culture system can challenge high temperature and raininess in summer to preserve plant growth.

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