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The Feasibility Study of Reuse of the Waste Water in Semiconductor Industry




孫逸民(Yih-Min Sun);莊賦祥(Fuh-Shyang Juang);姬良文(Liang-Wen Chi)

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混凝沉澱 ; 離子交換 ; 前置處理 ; 半導體 ; coagulation ; ion exchange ; pre-handling process ; semiconductor industry



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2卷1期(2000 / 01 / 01)

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82 - 98

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Chinese Abstract

本研究針對半導體廠之廢水特性,採分類處理為方法並與排放水標準做一詳細比較,希望可將處理過的廢水回收使用,達到節水的目的。在半導業廢水處理方面,首先按不同廢水種類加以分類,針對半導體廠所排一般廢水,以混凝沉降法予以處理,在研究中詳細探討各項混凝沉降參數,包括pH值、混擬劑量、助凝劑量及快混、慢混時間等,並監測處理前後廢水之水質參數,以獲最佳處理條件。另對半導體廠之含氣廢水及含強酸廢液則以離子交換樹脂床處理。強酸性陽離子交換樹脂Amberlite IR-120及強鹽基性陰離子交換樹脂Amberlite IRA-402處理半導體製程廢水時,混床式的交換法優於複床式的交換法,在處理低氣廢水及其它酸廢水時,樹脂床之最佳條件為:以R.L. 5Og H2SO4,/ 1-Resin、50g NaOH/l-Resin配製成2%之再生液,於再生速度S.V.=2下再生樹脂,而最佳離子交換的通液速度為S.V.=15;另研究中也顯示混床式的交換法將優於複床式的交換法。本研究計劃亦對廢水處理與回收之成本做一估計,所花費之成本若以五年下去均攤,便能獲得一合理的回收價值。

English Abstract

This project characterized the used water in the semiconductor fabrication industry, and dealt with coagulation and ion exchange methods. In the pre-handling process, the used water was first handled with the coagulation method. Parameters including pH values, the coagulation amount, the congealed aid amount, the fast mixing period and the slow mixing period were all studied. The water quality after handling was tested to obtain the optimum processing conditions. In the handle to the used acid water with fluoride concentration, the wastewater was treated with coagulation and then adsorption in ions exchanging resin bed. In handling the acid with low F concentration, it was found that the optimum conditions for the resin bed were : using 2% regeneration solution made of R.L. 50g H2SO4/I-Resin and 50 g NaOH/l-Resin and regenerating the resin at the speed of S.V.=2, while the optimum liquid flow speed for ion exchange resin was S.V.=1.5. This study also found that the mixed bed is better than the complex bed. In this project, the cost for handling the used water and the amount saved from re-usedage water was also studied. The cost shared after five years will be reasonable for re-reusage from the used water.

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