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Kinematic Analysis of Soccer High Kicking




張家豪(Jia-Hao Chang);許晏彰(Yen-Chang Hsu);徐阿田(Ar-Tyan Hsu);張冠諒(Guan-Liang Chang)

Key Words

下肢 ; 關節角度 ; 活動度 ; 生物力學 ; lower extremity ; joint angle ; range of motion ; biomechanics



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11卷1期(2009 / 03 / 31)

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71 - 82

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Chinese Abstract

目的:探討一般在學生及大學足球校隊球員在執行足球高踢動作時,在整個動作中下肢各肢段及關節的活動範圍。方法:本研究使用光學式的動作擷取系統(Vicon Motion Systems)抓取10名一般健康受測者(平均年齡25.60±1.64歲、平均身高169.40±4.17公分)及10名大學足球校隊球員(平均年齡21.50±0.71歲、平均身高172.90±6.24公分)在高踢過程中踢擊腳各肢段之關節角度。結果:在類似的發生時間,球員的大腿肢段往後擺動最大角度(-37.68±7.02°)、小腿肢段後擺最大角度(-111.03±18.70°)、足肢段後擺最大角度(-140.21±17.34°)都明顯大於一般受測者(大腿:-16.91±13.37°、小腿:-83.07±26.40°、足:-95.38±39.62°, p<0.5);高踢過程中,球員的膝關節總活動度(96.53±12.44°)與一般受測者(85.60±21.31°)並無差異,但球員的踝關節活動度(40.51±8.30°)卻大於一般受測者(33.50±7.43°, p<0.5)。論:球員會增加下肢肢段的後擺角度,以獲得較快的肢段速度。

English Abstract

Purpose: This study was designed to evaluate the kinematic differences of lower extremity between college soccer players and students during kicking. Method: Vicon motion system was used to capture the movements of the lower extremity of 10 healthy normal subjects (mean age: 25.60±1.64 years, mean height: 169.40±4.17 cm) and 10 players (mean age: 21.50±0.71 years, mean height: 172.90±6.24 cm). The angles of segments and joints were calculated for statistical analysis. Results: The data showed that the peak angles of thigh (-37.68±7.02°), shank (-111.03±18.70°) and foot (-140.21±17.34°) of players were greater than that of normal subjects (thigh: -16.91±13.37°, shank: -83.07±26.40°, and foot: -95.38±39.62°) while the limbs performed backward swing (p<.05). During kicking cycle, no difference of the knee joint range of motion was found between players (96.53±12.44°) and normal subjects (85.60±21.31°) while the ankle joint range of motion of players (40.51±8.30°) was greater than that of normal subjects (33.50±7.43°, p<.05). Conclusion: This data showed that the players would perform the limbs more backward swing to get larger velocity.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學
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