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A Preliminary Study of the Effectiveness of Speech Therapy for the 0 to 3-Year-Old Infants and Toddlers With Hearing Loss Receiving Integrated Early Intervention in the Medical Center in Taipei




王庭萱(Ting-Syuan Wang);王笙諭(Sheng-Yu Wang);張綺芬(Chi-Fen Chang)

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聽損 ; 早期療育 ; 語言治療 ; 滿意度 ; Hearing loss ; Early intervention ; Speech therapy ; Satisfaction



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42期(2020 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 14

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The incidence of congenital hearing loss for newborns in Taiwan is about (3 to 4 per mille). According to the guidelines for newborn hearing screening and diagnosis suggested by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2014, newborns who failed hearing screening at birth should be referred for re-screening before 1 month of age, determine the diagnosis of hearing loss before 4 months of age, and fit hearing aids and begin early intervention before 6 month of age. This can enhance their language development, cognition and social skills. Reviewing the past research in Taiwan, almost hearing-loss infants received the intervention in the foundations that specialize in aural training after be diagnosed and fit hearing aids. This study explores the effect of speech therapy for the 0 to 3-year-old infants and toddlers with hearing loss receiving integrated early intervention services at the National Taiwan University Children's Hospital (NTUCH). Participants included 11 infants and toddlers with hearing loss and their parents. The infants and toddlers with hearing-loss were diagnosed in Department of Otolaryngology, NTUCH, and began speech therapy after fitting hearing aids or receiving cochlear implantation. The Communication and Language Screening Test for Birth to Three Chinese-Speaking Infant-Toddlers was used to assess their language ability before and after receiving speech therapy, and author used self-edited "Early Intervention for Hearing-Loss Children Questionnaire" based on the 5Qs model proposed by Zineldin (2006) to investigated parental satisfaction. There was significant improvement in language ability after speech therapy, and overall parental satisfaction with the integrated early intervention at NTUCH was above the level of "agreed." This study reveals that the speech therapy for infants and toddlers with hearing loss receiving integrated early intervention at NTUCH has preliminary effectiveness. This service process and treatment course can be promoted by medical units and future research.

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