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A Review of Vocal Function of Vocal Fatigue in Teachers




謝馨誼(Hsin-Yi Hsieh);蔡昆瀛(Kuen-Ying Tsai)

Key Words

教師 ; 嗓音疲勞 ; 嗓音恢復 ; Teachers ; Vocal fatigue ; Vocal recovery



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43期(2020 / 12 / 01)

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1 - 10

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Teachers are one of the most common professional voice users who probably have voice disorders. Heavy vocal demands in combination with other risk factors (e.g., poor room acoustics, insufficient recovery time) may cause vocal fatigue, and eventually lead to many kinds of voice problems. Past studies on vocal fatigue include voice changes of vocal fatigue induced by vocal loading tasks (i.e., experimentally induced), and of professional voice users after prolonged voice use in real-life situations. In addition to reviewing literatures on changes of vocal function and vocal recovery under vocal fatigue in laboratory setting, this article reviews vocal fatigue of teachers in natural settings. In general, average speaking fundamental frequency, self-perception of phonation effort, and laryngeal discomfort increased after prolonged voice use, and it may take several minutes to 24 hours for vocal recovery.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 外科