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Wideband Absorbance Norm in Chinese Older Adults




羅意琪(Yi-Chi Lo)

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寬頻反射函數中耳分析 ; 寬頻反射函數吸收值 ; 中耳鼓室圖 ; 常模 ; Wideband acoustic immittance ; Wideband absorbance ; Tympanometry ; Norm



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43期(2020 / 12 / 01)

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27 - 42

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Chinese Abstract

寬頻反射函數中耳功能測試可以在同一時間,測量不同頻率的探測音下,中耳的傳遞能量效能。寬頻反射函數中耳功能分析的測試方式、結果判讀及常模運用的方式與傳統鼓室圖完全不同,但與傳統鼓室圖相同的是需要依照不同年齡、性別及種族而建立常模,而目前欠缺華人年長者的常模數據。本研究目的為建立華人年長者的寬頻反射函數中耳功能數據之常模,並進一步分析年齡及性別對於常模數值的影響。本研究常模建置的對象為50歲以上的年長者共81人,包含男性34名和女性47名,耳鏡及病史都顯示中耳狀態正常,純音聽力檢查未出現超過10 dBHL的氣骨導閾值差。並以42名年齡介於20~35歲,聽力正常且中耳狀態正常的年輕人,作為進一步分析性別及年齡效應的依據。寬頻反射函數中耳分析分別在大氣壓力以及於鼓室圖尖峰壓力下,以每1/24的音程頻率測量226~8000 Hz的寬頻反射函數吸收值。研究結果顯示,寬頻反射函數吸收值在2500 Hz以上的高頻率範圍,出現了顯著的年齡效應,年輕組比年長組有較高的寬頻反射函數吸收值。而年長組在各個頻率的數值,並沒有出現顯著的性別差異。因此本研究結果將年長組男女性的數據合併,提供了華人年長者寬頻反射函數吸收值的常模,可作為臨床判讀的依據。

English Abstract

Wideband absorbance is one of the middle ear analyzers which measures the efficiency of energy transmission in the middle ear by a stimulus with wide frequency range. The interpretation of the wideband absorbance relies on normative data which should be developed by specific age, gender, and ethnic population. However, none of the normative data of wideband absorbance has been established in Chinese older adults. The purposes of this study are to establish the normative data of wideband absorbance of Chinese older population and to investigate the factors that affect the wideband absorbance. The total 81 older adults and 42 young adults were recruited in this study. All of the participants were healthy and had normal function of the middle ear. Wideband absorbance analysis was conducted at every 1/24 octave from 226 to 8000 Hz and measured at two test conditions which were tympanometric peak pressure and ambient pressure. Results indicate that the significant effect of age on the wideband absorbance is found above 2500 Hz. At the higher frequency range, young adults have higher wideband absorbance than older adults do. There is no significant effect of gender on the wideband absorbance in older adults. The data from men and women were combined to serve as the normative data of wideband absorbance in this study.

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