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The Mathematic Approach to Vajra-Praj-n?p?ramit?-S?tra




陳家成(Chia-Chern Chen);林杜娟(Due-Jane Lin)

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金剛經 ; 實相 ; 禪 ; 思考 ; 般若 ; 解題 ; Sutra ; thing-in-itself ; Zen ; thinking ; paradox ; problem-solving



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1卷1期(2000 / 07 / 01)

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18 - 25

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Chinese Abstract

金剛經中的主要句型可用命題或方程式「A等於非A」來表達。這個命題或方程式可以名之為「金剛經命題」或「金剛經方程式」。這樣的方程式在其本身而言是矛盾的、無解的。但經過詳細的討論,卻可發現事實上「金剛經命題」是有具體非虛無的解存在,但這個解從群論及邏輯上而言,都是超越解本身的解。解的存在及表達形式超越了任何符號、文字、思維及任何結構形象,甚至超越了解本身。金剛經給予的解以文字表達為「是名A」。綜合了命題部分及解形成了完整的金剛經主要句型的敘述「佛說A即是非A是名A」的數學模型「A等於非A的解就是A」。  這種解超越其本身的特性正是金剛經所要表達的內涵。從討論「金剛經命題」或「金剛經方程式」的解形成的過程,可以幫助我們了解金剛經要表達的真正內涵:「超越」或「從中解脫」的智慧。這個解是一個通解,可以應用在任何形式的問題上,幫助我們從一切問題中解脫。

English Abstract

The main style of Vajra-Praj-n?p?ramit?-S?tra(金剛般若波羅密經or金剛經)can be written as “When A is given, it is not A at all. It is just A in name.” It’s difficult to understand what A-in-itself really is, as well as what it really isn’t. Instead of understanding the mysterious nature of this sutra linguistically, we take a mathematic approach to it by means of studying its main style logically. We try to express it as “A equals non-A with its nontrivial solution, A-in-itself.” The nontrivial solution does exist and can be deduced successfully. We need not be caught in the dichotomy of A and non-A, nor need we study the Zen Koan “not A, but also not non-A”. Nirvana can be achieved by reasonable inference. In general, the equation is true only when A satisfies at least one of the four Conditions of the Truth, namely: (1) It cannot be negated or affirmed; (2) It cannot be conditioned; (3) It cannot be proved within its own framework; and (4) It cannot be deduced from any known system of inference. The solution is complete. It can be applied to a particular situation as well as a general one. Thus, solving the real problems by main style of Vajra-Praj-n?p?ramit?-S?tra is possible and operative. By using the mathematic approach, the wisdom of this most important and difficult-to-understand sutra reveals itself. This is the wisdom free from all those which are paradoxical, as well as being a guide to find a reasonable yet practical way to real problem resolution.

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