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Quantum Mechanical Wave Function and the Thing-in-itsclf of Kant's




王守益(George S. Wang);王慧琴(Hui-Chin Wang)

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物自體 ; 本體 ; 本體論 ; 哲學 ; 康德 ; 波函數 ; thing-in-itself ; noumenon ; ontology ; philosophy ; Kant ; wave function



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1卷1期(2000 / 07 / 01)

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26 - 30

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Chinese Abstract

自從1770年康德提出體的存在以來,這物自體的觀念,一直是一個謎。在這21世紀的開頭時期,我們想進一步知道它究竟是什麼。我們首先舉例出康德物自體的七種特質,然後提出近代物理的量子力學的波函數Ψ,發現波函數Ψ也具有這七種特徵,而且它是可以用數學式子計算求得。我們更在方程式p=∫Ψ*pΨdτ中發現本體性的Ψ、現象界的物理性質P、與對應於P的算子?,都是定義得很清楚的,而且由此方程式相互聯結。簡言之,方程式p=∫Ψ*?Ψdτ明顯地闡釋了一物體的本體(性)與現象(相)的區別與關係。對於複數函數波函數的不可觀測性,我們也做了詳細的論述。  我們的結論是:在量子力學的範疇裡,已經找到了康德物自體的一種明確而具體的數學形式,即複數函數的波函數。由於物自體是不可測、不可知的量,波函數的複數性質恰好是最適當的。幾百年哲學上的物自體之謎,似乎已經得到解決了。

English Abstract

The existence of thing-in-itself has been proposed and maintained its obscurity by Immanuel Kant ever since 1770. Listing 7 features of the thing-in-itself of Kant's, we find that the wave function Ψ of Quantum Mechanics of modern physics possesses all those 7 features and that it is explicitly calculable in mathematical form. Furthermore, in Quantum Mechanics the noumenal Ψ , its physical property P, and the corresponding mathematical operator p for the physical property P are distinctly defined and expressly related by an equation. We also give detail explanations why a complex wave function cannot be observed. Our conclusion is that we propose to have found a concrete and distinct mathematical form for the thing-in-itself in the Quantum Mechanics regime, which may serve as the non-sensible noumenal cause for an appearance of a body. As the thing-in-itself is non-sensible and non-observable, it appears that only mathematical form of thing-in-itself is proper and accessible. The philosophical obscurity or mystery on noumenon of an object existing for hundreds of years appears now resolved.

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