Multidimensional Discriminative Factors for Unprotected Sex among Adolescents in Southern Taiwan

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顏正芳(Cheng-Fang Yen);鄭中平(Chung-Ping Cheng);王興耀(Shing-Yaw Wang);柯乃熒(Nai-Ying Ko);徐淑婷(Su-Ting Hsu)

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青少年 ; 使用保險套 ; 危險指標 ; 安全性行為 ; adolescents ; condom use ; risk indicator ; safe sex


The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

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25卷4期(2009 / 04 / 01)

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193 - 202

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Chinese Abstract

由於青少年進行未經防護性行為將增加罹患性病和非計畫懷孕的危險,故調查能區辨出青少年是否進行未經防護性行為的因子是進行預防衛教的重要步驟。本研究的目的在於以大規模、具代表性的青少年族群,檢驗能區辨出青少年進行未經防護性行為的人口學、個人、家庭、同儕和學校因子為何。共有9,736 位青少年學生參與本研究並完成研究問卷的填寫,青少年未經防護性行為的多向度區辨因子以Chi-squared automatic interaction detection (CHAID) analysis和logistic regression analysis models進行檢驗。CHAID的結果發現:有朋友使用非法物質、年紀較大、曾休學、家庭監督性較低的青少年,有較高危險性會進行未經防護性行為,而logistic regression analysis的結果進一步確認這些因子的區辨效果。依據研究結果,建議家長和健康從業人員須注意具有這些區辨因子的青少年進行未經防護性行為的可能性。

English Abstract

Establishing the discriminative factors for unprotected sex among adolescents is essential for early identification of at-risk teens and for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The aim of this study was to examine the discriminative effects of demographic, individual, family, peers, and school life factors on unprotected sex in a large-scale, representative adolescent population in Southern Taiwan. A total of 9,736 adolescent students were recruited into this study and completed the questionnaires. The multidimensional discriminative factors for unprotected sex were examined using χ^2 automatic interaction detection analysis and logistic regression models. The results of the χ^2 automatic interaction detection analysis revealed that having friends, using illicit drugs, being of an older age, suspension from school, and low family monitoring had discriminative effects on unprotected sex in adolescents. The logistic regression analysis further confirmed the discriminative effect of these factors. Because of the adverse effects of unprotected sex in adolescents, we suggest that parents and health professionals should pay attention to adolescents with the discriminative factors for unprotected sex identified in this study.

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