Co-Existence of Posttraumatic Empyema Thoracis and Lung Abscess in a Child after Blunt Chest Trauma: A Case Report

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郭昶宏(Chang-Hung Kuo);陳怡真(I-Chen Chen);林世雄(Shih-Shiung Lin);石明誠(Ming-Chen Paul Shih);吳俊仁(Jiunn-Ren Wu);戴任恭(Zen-Kong Dai);趙美琴(Mei-Chyn Chao)

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電腦斷層掃描定位引流術 ; 肺膿瘍 ; 創傷後膿胸 ; CT-guided catheter drainage ; lung abscess ; posttraumatic empyema thoracis


The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

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26卷1期(2010 / 01 / 01)

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45 - 49

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Posttraumatic empyema is a rare complication of trauma with an incidence of 1.6-2.4% in trauma patients. However, it is rarely reported in children. We report the case of a 15-year-old boy who was involved in a traffic accident and diagnosed with a pulmonary contusion at a local hospital. Fourteen days after the accident, posttraumatic empyema thoracis and lung abscess developed with clinical presentations of fever, productive cough and right chest pain. He was successfully treated with computed tomography-guided catheter drainage and intravenous cefotaxime. We emphasize that posttraumatic empyema thoracis and lung abscess are very rare in children, and careful follow-up for posttraumatic lung contusion is essential. Image-guided catheter drainage can be an adjunctive tool for treating selected patients, although most complicated cases of posttraumatic empyema thoracis require decortication therapy.

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