A New Super Resolution Algorithm in Ship-Borne Radar




Zhong Zhang;Qun Ding

Key Words

Super resolution ; MUSIC ; Ship-borne radar



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14卷1期(2013 / 01 / 01)

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153 - 159

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English Abstract

In ship-borne radar, because of the influence of interference factors such as the correlation of background array noise and the coherence of targets and so on, the performance of high-resolution algorithms such as MUSIC is degraded. In this document by pre-whitening of background array color noise, de-correlation of coherent targets, compensation of amplitude phase mismatch, pre-whitened-Constrained-MUSIC algorithm is put forward, which can effectively resolute ship target and first-order sea echo in ship-borne radar. Furthermore, the algorithm performance is compared with other algorithms, result shows that pre-whitened-Constrained-MUSIC can be applied effectively in high-resolution processing in ship-borne radar.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 資訊科學