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Feature Extraction and Analysis of Head Ring Images


張寧群(Nin-Chun Chang);張北葉(Pei-Yeh Chang);彭德保(Der-Baau Perng)

Key Words

斜頸症 ; 頭環 ; 變形指標 ; Torticollis ; Head Ring ; Deformity Index


Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

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20卷2期(2000 / 06 / 01)

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33 - 41

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Chinese Abstract

幼兒斜頸症(torticollis)的主要成因為頸部的胸鎖乳突肌病變所致。此症常會造成頭部的嚴重歪斜而影響外觀,故手術後頭形的復健調整亦為療程的重點。由於嬰兒頭形數據的取得有諸多器具上及成本上的問題待克服,致使患者的頭形評估現多採目視作業,因而缺少客觀及量化的數據可供參考與比較,更不易清楚的描述頭形的變化。本研究以現有記錄患者頭圍輪廓的頭環(head ring),發展一量測系統,利用頭環的掃瞄影像取出頭圍輪廓,同時自動擷取輪廓的幾何特徵及形狀特徵並予量化。總計擷取的頭圍特徵多達14項,部份的特徵性質更具有頭圍大小的不變量性(invariant),以利頭圍的相互比較。經3000個實例的分析,本研究也建立了:(1)頭圍變形指標(deformity index),作為判定頭圍形狀屬正常、輕度變形、中度變形或嚴重變形的依據;(2)判定長、扁頭形的指標;(3)頭圍局部凸出及平直程度的指標。另由頭圍曲率簽字特徵值的變動及趨勢,得以評估頭形pattern的成立與否。相較於目視的評估作業,本研究可獲致更多頭圍的資訊。

English Abstract

Torticollis is caused by the change of sternocleidomastoid. It generally will cause sever skew of the head shape and will affect the outlook of a person. Because the head shape data of a baby/child is difficult to be obtained under the consideration of safety and cost. So, in clinical, the doctors still estimate the change of a head shape by observation or touching. It is difficult for different doctors to describe such unstable states in different clinical environment. This paper is to develop a measuring system that can extract and analyze important features from the head ring images. There are 14 features that can be extracted from the head ring images by the developed method. Some of the features have important properties in measuring different size of head rings. After analyzing 3,000 examples, we have defined three important indices in this research. (a) Head ring deformity index-for examining the deformity level of a head ring; (b) head shape index-for examining the contour shape of a head ring; and (c) head intrusion /extrusion index-for examining the position and seriousness of the intrusive /extrusive state of a head ring. On the other hand, we also develop a method that can be used to estimate the growing pattern of a head by using the variance of the curvature signature of a head ring. Comparing to the current operation process, this research can derive more results and provide more information for reference in clinical.

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