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Study on the QSAR of Anilines and Phenols Used in Leather and Shoe Chemicals



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定量构效关系 ; 苯胺 ; 苯酚 ; 生物毒性 ; 多元线性逐步回归 ; 毒性预测 ; 标注?检测 Standard & Detection ; QSAR ; aniline ; phenol ; biological toxicity ; multiple stepwise linear regression ; toxicity rediction



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35卷20期(2013 / 08 / 31)

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35 - 38

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Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) has been used in many fields and shows great superiority on its prediction of toxicity. The relationship between the chemicals structure of anilines and phenols usually used in the production of leather and shoe making and the toxicity were analyzed by setting up linear regression equations and multiple stepwise linear regressions equation in this paper, The results show that the R2 of multiple stepwise linear regression model reaches 0.905 and its stability is good enough to predict toxicity of anilines and phenols used in leather and shoe production. And the technology plays significant role on preliminary screening and clean making of leather chemicals and shoe chemicals.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 農產加工