The Application of ISSR Markers to Identify the Fertility Restorer Gene Rƒ6 in T. timopheevii Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Wheat (Triticum aestivum)


Rong-Xia Guan;Xiao-Li Guo;Dong-Cheng Liu;Shuang-He Cao;Ai-Min Zhang

Key Words

Wheat ; Restorer gene Rƒ6 ; ISSR marker ; SSR marker


Agricultural Sciences in China

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1卷10期(2002 / 10 / 01)

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1089 - 1093

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English Abstract

Inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) analysis was carried out on a F2 population of 147 plants derived from a cross between a wheat male fertility restorer line 2114 and a male sterile line ND44A. Out of 43 primers examined, 18 primers produced distinguishable, polymorphic bands between the two parents. Linkage analysis in the mapping population showed that two markers UBC-808 and UBC-848 were closely linked with the restorer gene Rƒ6 of the Triticum timopheevii CMS system. The distance between the two markers and the restorer gene was 7.9 cM and 4.9 cM, respectively. Also two parents were screened with 181 pairs of SSR primers, of which, 34.3% showed polymorphisms. But no locus was found linked with the restorer gene. Compared with the SSR technique, the ISSR approach used in the experiment provided more information and proved to be a valuable method to identify alien fragments.

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