Effects of Nitrogen Application in Different Wheat Growth Stages on the Floret Development and Grain Yield of Winter Wheat


Yun-Ji Zhu;Chen-Yang Wang;Tian-Cai Guo;Jin-Mei Cui;Guo-Jun Xia;Wan-Dai Liu;Yong-Hua Wang

Key Words

Winter wheat ; Nitrogen application ; Development of floret ; Grain yield


Agricultural Sciences in China

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1卷10期(2002 / 10 / 01)

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1156 - 1161

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English Abstract

The study was carried out on the effect of nitrogen application in different wheat growth stage on the floret development, the photosynthetic rate, the yield and its components of winter wheat. The result indicated that nitrogen application in the pistil-stamen primordium formation stage and the tetrad formation stage of wheat growth prolonged the duration of floret development, promoted the balance growth of floret and reduced the floret decadence number, thus increased the grain number per spike. Nitrogen application in the middle and in the late stages of wheat development increased the photosynthetic ability of the plant leaves in the later stage, and also lengthened the peak of grain filling stage, thus enhanced the grain weight and yield of wheat significantly.

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