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Investigation into the Farmers' Condition of Political Consciousness and Political Participation in Huangpi and Reflection on It


刘伟(Wei Liu)

Key Words

农民 ; 政治意识 ; 政治参与 ; 调查 ; farmer ; political consciousness ; political participation ; investigation



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18卷1期(2005 / 02 / 01)

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53 - 56

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Chinese Abstract


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The farmer's condition of political consciousness and political participation influence directly the development of Chinese rural politics. Our investigation shows that there is tight relationship between the farmer's condition of political consc iousness and political participation and their condition of education and age, in the farmer's condition of political consciousness and political participation, there exits positive part, and also another part of political coldness, lack of political knowledge and blindness of political participation. The author analyses the reason of this problem, and provides some idea to resolve it.

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